It has been a long day but we are finally here in Israel. All of the participants are happy, safe and feeling the connection with Israel.

We arrived in Tel Aviv and were met by the guides. We then traveled by bus to the Galilee where we are staying at the Ein Gev Kibbutz. All along the way our guide Lior, pointed out historic sites and shared history of the region. After settling into our rooms, we made our way to the Kibbutz dining hall for dinner (where we celebrated being in Israel with a special L’Chaim) followed by a campfire on the shores of Yam Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

Tomorrow is a busy day, Rosh HaNikra on the Israel/Lebanese border to go Jet Boating. Afterwards, we travel to Tzfat (Safed) to experience the mystical city and then we will explore the Golan Heights on All Terrain Vehicles.

Enjoy the attached pictures. Laila Tov – Good night from Israel.

Rabbi P.

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