Why should I join Beth Zion Congregation?

A welcome message from Rabbi Yamin Benarroch


Shalom Uvracha,

Allow me to introduce and say something about myself and why I chose Beth Zion as the synagogue for my family. Along with my wife Rivka and children Shlomo, Hanna, Netanel and Zion I moved to Montreal 30 years ago and settled in CSL. After visiting several shuls in the area I decided to spend a Shabbat at Beth Zion. I was quickly greeted by Rabbi Shoham Z”L and immediately made to feel wanted and a part of the Beth Zion family. I immediately knew that I wanted my children to grow up at BZ. Under the leadership of Rabbi Shoham I served as youth director as well as assistant Rabbi and cantor for high holiday services. My children and family have greatly benefitted from the rich programming and the sense of family that BZ provides. BZ has a long history and a solid foundation; while at the same time being brave enough to embrace the future. Beth Zion embraces the fundamentals of Modern Orthodoxy and is a welcoming place to everyone who walks through our doors. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome regardless of their personal level of observance and lifestyle.

Just as I experienced first hand, our shul makes sure that each and every one of its’ members knows that we are there for them. Whether it’s sharing in life cycle events (baby naming’s, brit mila, bar/bat Mitzva, weddings or tragedy), attending a social function, listening to a guest speaker, studying together as a community, spending a Shabbat or holiday together Beth Zion has something for everyone. Beth Zion is a vibrant Shul, constantly looking for new and exciting programming and initiatives to enhance our family-friendly and active synagogue.

The first Mishna in Pirkei Avot states: “Moshe received the Torah at Sinai and transmitted it to Joshua, Joshua to the elders, and the elders to the prophets, and the prophets to the Men of the Great Assembly.” The Mishna teaches us 2 very important lessons in life. #1: It does not say Moshe Rabeinu (our leader). Moses was the most humble person and his message was that we are all equal and capable of accepting and transmitting the Torah. #2: This first Mishna teaches us the importance of making sure that we transmit our traditions, teaching and values to future generations. I take pride in my own children who received these values and leadership skills at BZ and who serve as leaders within each of their own communities.

Please accept my invitation to pick up the phone or send me an email so we can talk or meet in person to explore the wonderful world of BZ.

I can be reached on my cell phone at 514-758-0117 or via email at yamin2@sympatico.ca. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Rabbi Benarroch

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