Why should I join Beth Zion Congregation?

A welcome message from Rabbi Boruch Perton

RabbiPertonIf you are visiting this site, you obviously are interested in finding out more about our congregation. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rabbi Boruch Perton and I am the new full-time Rabbi of Beth Zion. When I was looking for a new challenge, there were several opportunities for me to explore. From all of the positions available, both here in Canada and in the States, I chose to be a part of Beth Zion for many reasons. The first and most important one was that BZ has a long history and a solid foundation; while at the same time being brave enough to embrace the future. Building on the legacy of Rabbi Sidney Shoham, our Senior Rabbi for over fifty years, we embrace the fundamentals of Modern Orthodoxy while at the same time being progressive, open and welcoming to everyone who walks through our doors. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome regardless of their personal level of observance and lifestyle.

As a full-service synagogue we also make sure that each and every one of our members knows that we are there for them. Whether it’s sharing in life cycle events (baby naming’s, brit mila, bar/bat Mitzva, weddings or tragedy), attending a social function, listening to a guest speaker, studying together as a community, spending a Shabbat or holiday together or joining my family for barbeque in our back yard; Beth Zion has something for everyone. Beth Zion is a vibrant Shul, constantly looking for new and exciting programming and initiatives to enhance our family-friendly and active synagogue. In the last several years we have introduced, speed-dating at BZ, a super bowl party, a scotch tasting evening, family bowling, Shabbat Lunch and “Perek in the Park for young families with children, scholars-in-residence program and beginning this fall we are starting a new after-school Hebrew High School (JAM High) for young adults who do not attend Jewish Day School. This is in addition to our Bar & progressive Bat Mitzva program and our soon-to-begin Junior Congregation. As for the High Holidays, our services are meaningful and uplifting while being user-friendly. This year we are introducing English communal readings into the service and once again creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels part of the service – especially the children. I will also once again be sharing jokes, stories and sound-bites to spice up the service.

Please accept my invitation to pick up the phone or send me an email so we can talk or meet in person to explore the wonderful world of BZ. I chose to stay here in Montreal because I believe in Beth Zion, allow me to share my passion for our synagogue with you. We are currently offering special membership opportunities for singles, families and seniors.

I can be reached on my cell phone at 438-930-4174 or via email using the link below. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Rabbi P.

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