Youth Minyan

Program for our youngest members

Lots of exciting news to share from the Youth Minyan. We’ve had a steady, lively, and meaningful minyan nearly every shabbat for the year! We have been offering special shabbatot on a regular basis, with a Sefardi Shabbat once a month. Kiddush is always hot and delicious! We’ve also been offering an ongoing raffle, with two big winners already taking home Habs tickets! Remember 1 ticket for attendance, 2 for participation and 3 if you bring a friend!

We’ve had movie nights, hockey nights, Thursday night Mishmar, Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat and more throughout the year, and it’s been great! We’re looking forward to continuing more into the following year with some of the same great programming and more such as:

  • Friday Night Tischs
  • Parsha and Pastry with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wallach
  • Shabbatonim (in and out of the shul)
  • Youth Led Shabbat Service for the shul
  • Movie Nights
  • Hockey Nights
  • Thursday Night Mishmar

We are also looking forward to creating a Youth Lounge to have a space for all youth programming. A cool space to hang out, learn, and maybe even pray! Look out for more on that as the year continues.

As always, if you have any programming ideas or suggestions, I’m always happy to hear


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