Shabbos is called, “A Taste of the World to Come.” The reason for this is because Shabbos is so pleasurable (or should be) that we can taste a little of how wonderful Olam Haba will be.

Shabbos in Yerushalayim with the Beth Zion Bar and Bat Mitzva young adults was truly an example of how wonderful Shabbos can really be. We began Shabbat with Kiddush followed by all of the parents lovingly placing their hands on their children’s heads to give them the very special Shabbat Blessing. After this, we enjoyed the delicious Jerusalem Challa followed by a very enjoyable meal. Even when the hotel we were staying in had a complete black out, it did little to dim our spirits. We sung the bentching out loud (in the dark) and managed to find our way back to our rooms in the dark.

Shabbat morning began with our walking to the Kotel – the Western Wall. We joined a beautiful Minyan towards the front right hand corner of the plaza in front of the Kotel. This allowed the men in the group and the women to share in one service — even with the taller than usual Mechitza. Afterwards, we had a lovely walk back to the hotel, Shabbat lunch and then many from the group went on a walking tour of the Old City. I chose to pass-up on the tour and spend the afternoon visiting with my grandchildren who live a short walk from the hotel. That was my special Shabbat treat.

Shabbat ended with Havdala followed by the entire group singing “Eliyahu Hanavi.” As we smelled the fragrant spices of the Havdala, we were encouraged to take the sweet smells of Shabbos with us into the week and beyond.

Tomorrow we are off to Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea.

Shavua Tov!

Rabbi Perton

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